Honeymoon is over





As the days are getting shorter, the evenings chillier, and the first months of excitement turning into the mundane routines of everyday life, your Swedish experience may start to lack the charm you enjoyed at start. The language, that was so easy in the beginning, seems to be less comprehensible the more you learn. Your career opportunities seem far away. The people, so open and smiley on sunny days, are now busy getting on with their busy lives, and however nice, they show no interest in forming deeper relationships. The cultural codes confuse you, and you start to doubt whether you will ever be able to ever crack the Swedish code - or, actually, if you even want to.

Be Swedish your way

I help you to improve your Swedish pronunciation and language skills at the point when your group courses are no longer enough. I specialise in advanced levels (B2-C2, CEFR)  and professional Swedish. Parallel to teaching, I also work  as a publisher and editor for LYS förlag, specialising in local expertise and global experiences.

What we do

Lectures & workshops

You may think that Sweden is just another European country, or that it is a Utopia of work-life balance and gender equality. The reality is a more complex than that. We organise training events to outline the values and practices that define Swedish culture and work culture.

Writing & publishing

In collaboration with LYS förlag, we offer editing and publishing services for literature relating to Swedish culture, integration and the migration experience. We create and curate course literature, non-fiction and biographies and welcome new writers with a story to tell.


For Swedes

We strongly believe that Swedish employers and co-workers can improve communication and collaboration with international talent through improved cultural self-awareness. We organise lectures, seminars and individual guidance for the private and public sector to strengthen cultural self-awareness.

Individual guidance

Being new in a country can be confusing, and it can be difficult to know with what and how to start your settling process. We have personal and professional experience and can offer guidance through one-to-one consultations. Topics we handle are culture shock, social codes at work, language learning.


Language consultancy

We know everything about Swedish as a second or foreign language and offer consultancy services within communication and ed-tech. We also train teachers and language coaches in Swedish as a foreign language and methodology for successful learning.


Swedish pronunciation rules follow a logical but complex system, and learning to master this in practice is essential not only to make yourself understood, but also to understand spoken language. As many language schools put very little emphasis on pronunciation training, many learners are confused and lack the means to make progress. This is something we can help you with.


Why Bee Swedish?

I have personal and professional experience of living, working and studying abroad - and re-settling in Sweden. I know what it is like.

Tailor-made solutions only. A good training package is always centered around the client, and my job is to map your unique needs, goals, preferences and challenges, and create a customised training plan or event.

I am a business owner, and part of the same real world as you. Applicability and relevance are central themes in any exercise.

No outsourcing. Bee Swedish is Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux, and for projects where external experts are being consulted, this is always communicated clearly to you.

“My Bee Swedish experience was perfect - a one on one environment that was tailored to my personal needs  at my own pace.  Just perfect!”

Klaudia Greenaway

Retired teacher, Australia/Germany