Said about Bee Swedish

Since I have so little time to dedicate myself to Swedish between work and all other things in life, I felt I needed the most effective way possible on using this precious time. I needed the challenge to push myself with a great and inspiring teacher as well as the support on someone that would spot my common mistakes, my way of thinking the new language and tailor the classes to those needs.

Mainly, Sofi helped me crack Swedish language! Doing that by practicing, presenting very easy explanations and having tailored exercises. But not just that, she also helped me understand the Swedish culture and learn some tricks and hacks for my everyday life here in Sweden.

I still have a long way to go, but I can definitely see the improvement!

I feel much more motivated on keep on learning Swedish after finishing a module with Bee Swedish.

When doing other courses I wondered myself how much I had actually learn, whereas with Bee Swedish I feel the step by step improvement.

I also feel more motivated on coming out of my shell and practicing with some colleagues, which is a big challenge for me.

I believe having the course with Bee Swedish was fundamental on moving out of my very basic level (Hur mår du? Jag mår bra kind of Swedish) I used to have. Learning Swedish became then not just about memorizing but starting to understand the language structure in a different level, the kind of insight I needed to engage with the language.

The classes are highly effective, I can definitely see that 1h30 with Bee Swedish was much superior than having 2h30 on big group classes. Also, having Sofi coming to my place of work saves me a great deal of time too!

I can also see that having personal and tailored classes was very important on supporting me and on motivating to keep on going, since it is such a long road to actually learn a new language.

So I’m absolutely grateful for the shared knowledge and for all I’ve learned so far.

Vanessa Macedo

Designer, Brazil

Because I have business interests in Sweden, my goal for the past several years has been to communicate clearly in Swedish.  However, having exhausted all the online Swedish courses available to me in the United States, where I live, I found myself still falling short of this goal.  I contacted Sofi in January 2017 for individualized instruction via Skype and have completed 15 weeks of instruction in Swedish for the workplace.  Since then, both my skill and self-confidence in speaking, listening and writing has improved significantly.  Sofi is a true academic professional who delivers high-quality instruction.  She offers creative and non-repetitive tasks to reach clear goals, challenging assignments with prompt and meaningful feedback, and empathetic support in the event that I encounter difficulties with my studies.   I highly recommend her and sincerely wish that I had worked with her from the very beginning of my studies in Swedish so that I could have made faster progress.

Kim Martin

Instructor of English, University of New Orleans, USA

Sofi was our teacher of the Swedish language on two occasions this year. We were a total of eight participants divided into two groups.

Contracting Sofi was the best decision. This statement is shared both by those attending the classes as well as our management.

Sofi is serious, very prepared and has a wide-ranging knowledge of the complexities of language. She also possesses an interesting understanding and capability to explain and adapt the “Swedish ways” both verbal and non-verbal, specifically in work situations as well as in the everyday life.

The personal and professional characteristics of Sofi has helped us meet our individual expectations of oral and written communication as well as in formal and informal environments of socializing. These advances have been recognized by our peers and colleagues that are native speaking in Swedish, who have also been involved in one way or another in the courses.

In short, and very personally, you can hardly find a more suitable person to live up to the expectations you might have when it comes to strengthen the communication skills of your team.

Werner Renck

Architect, Chile/Germany

I was lucky enough that an affiliate company of my employer had opened a beginner’s class with Sofi. As there was room left, I accepted to join the course.

As I don’t really need Swedish in my job, my main objective was to learn the very basic to survive in Sweden… My second (secret) objective was to gather an extraordinary skill that would allow me to shine back in Paris : being able to properly pronounce the names of the trendiest modern Swedish playwright or the one of the latest Palme d’Or director.

We started from the basics  (pronunciation, numbers, hour,..), then did  some grammar with text book support, some reading with text, some discussion or games around selected themes. The class lasts about 1 hour every week . There is a reasonable (small) amount of homework.

My son still laughs at me when I try to speak Swedish, but I don’t care that much…. because I know how to pronounce Swedish names, even those that are less useful in Parisian dinners, such as  those of famous tennismen or Ikea furniture names.

Sofi is very dynamic and maintains a fun atmosphere in the group. It is always a pleasure to escape from work to go and try learn/speak some Swedish.

The course with Bee Swedish is a very positive experience, even for the less motivated.

Olivier Tesson

Solution Manager, France, Paris, Left Bank

My name is Rahul Dev Nathoo and I studied medicine. I am from Mauritius and I’ve been looking for job opportunities in Sweden. As such, Swedish language is a requirement for me. I came across this training online and I thought that this would be a good start for me, and I must say that I wasn’t wrong at all. I started my courses with Sofi and we worked on basic vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. It has been a very enriching experience for me and I could not have gotten a better teacher than Sofi. Patient, flexible and encouraging, she has helped me all along and has encouraged me to keep on learning. This is something that I would definitely recommend to others as it has helped me to get started and move towards my objectives. 

Rahul Dev Nathoo

Medical Doctor, Mauritius

I can highly recommend Bee Swedish to anyone who is seeking  personalized tuition in Swedish. As an older person learning another language can be challenging.  The usual Swedish language courses with up to 30 students per class offered by other institutions may not be the perfect learning situation as they are fast paced and do not allow enough time per student to talk and engage in conversation. My Bee Swedish experience was perfect - a one on one environment that was tailored to my personal needs and that challenged me to talk Swedish and learn at my own pace. I was also able to ask lots of questions about Swedish culture, customs, food and history. As a speaker of German and English I also found it helpful to get grammar explanations in relation to both these languages. Just perfect! Klaudia Greenaway

Retired teacher, Germany/Australia

Sofi was appointed by the company that I work for to have Swedish lessons for the employees who had moved to Sweden from other parts of the world.

The first step was to assess the proficiency in the Swedish language for each of the participants. Based on this, 2 groups were formed that allowed for a more efficient and fun learning program.

All communication in the classroom was in Swedish which, along with Sofi’s excellent capability to explain things without switching to English, helped us to understand and start speaking the Swedish language.

After spending some time in the course with Sofi, I have to say that I can speak and understand much more than I could previously. Most importantly, I can follow most of the conversations that take place in Swedish, with me only asking for the meaning of a couple of words or phrases rather than asking the person to switch to English as I did before.

I would absolutely recommend Sofi as a teacher. This course has been far beyond my expectations and it has been a pleasure.

Achint Mediratta

Manager, India

I completed A2 at Folkuniversitetet but while my written and reading skills were more or less up to this level my oral Swedish was almost non existing. I was looking for some individual lessons. I went to Bee Swedish after hearing about it from Djuna who was a member of my running club.

We reviewed A2 course, paying attention to my weak sides (which was making a conversation, most of all). Sofi had chosen the topics based on my interests (like music and travelling, for example) so it was fun to talk/write about. We practiced my speaking skills and also reviewed grammar.

I was now able to make a speech instead of just some words and rules that I couldn’t make into sentences. I learned a lot of new words including slang words that I was especially interested in. Also I remembered grammar rules that I managed to forget after I finished A2 course in Folkuniversitetet.

I would efinitely recommend Bee Swedish! Individual lessons adjusted to the skills and interests of the student is the best way to learn the language.

Olga Talalay

Economist, Russia

Our company offered the possibility to have Swedish classes once per week. After finishing SFI (Swedish For Immigrants) I wanted to keep taking classes to maintain and improve my level with efficient targeted lessons.

It was very complete. We covered key points of grammar and conjugation while using practical topics to widen our vocabulary, so it never felt too heavy. For example: to learn the passive form we had to write a food recipe, it taught us about that specific conjugation form and the vocabulary related to food and cooking. We could all exchange our recipes and learn new ones 🙂

We also had exercises to improve our pronunciation and written skills. It gave me a clearer and more organized view of the grammar, it becomes easier to remember and use so it is motivating. Plus being in a small group gave more chances to participate and therefore to improve.

The lessons are targeted, efficient and practical. The format of 1h per week encouraged me to be more pro-active in my learning. Moreover, Sofi is really nice and keen on helping us progress, giving us personalized clues to get better. Tack Sofi!

Solène Terrasson

Operator & Sales Administrator, France

I’ve been attending courses with Sofi because of i want to move to Sweden. I’m still in Italy so the course as been holding through Skype, we have sessions of 45 minutes.  The course is based on conversation,  homeworks, grammar exercises, and knowledge of Sweden culture as well ! I really improved  my listening and my understanding of the language  and my speaking. I tried myself some Swedish courses in  books in the past but i had a real bettering with Sofi’s lessons. I would recommend to have courses with Sofi because she is a very well experienced teacher,  she uses a very good method and  she is a very nice and communicative person  as well.

Eleonora Bruni

Psychologist, Italy