Education Management

Administering in-house Swedish language training that gives results is much more than offering free lessons to your co-workers. Effective in-house training is the result of effective education management, clear goals and expectations from all parts (educators, employers/HR and participants), and continuous evaluation and follow-up.

We have the experience and expertise to help your HR department to create a sustainable solution for improved education management and a language training solution, that can be effectively combined with our intercultural training and cultural awareness and self-awareness programmes.


CEFR Best Practice

All our work complies with the Common European Framework of References. Adhering to CEFR guidelines ensures teaching quality, learning outcome and commitment.


We map entry and goal levels, and suggest a relevant and applicable syllabus. We can also help to select appropriate course material and methodology.


We can create customised course plans, course literature, exercises, tests and exams. Adapted to level, educational level, sector, skills focus and preferences.


We can validate your Swedish language skills on level C1 (CEFR). Currently applicable for healthcare professionals only. Please read more about PYS validering below.

PYS prov i yrkessvenska

Bee Swedish is a founding partner of PYS Validering. This is a educational company specialising in Swedish language learning and validation programmes for professionals that need to validate their Sweidsh language skills in order to work in Sweden. Our focus is the healthcare sector.

PYS (prov i yrkessvenska) medicin is an exam on C1 level (CEFR), developed for medical staff. PYS medicin is accepted by the National Health Board of Sweden (Socialstyrelsen) as a validation of Swedish language skills level C1.

On top of constructing and arranging the exam, PYS Validering also gives exam preparatory courses, online. Please learn more on

The PYS exam is now available to take three times a year, please learn more on

How can we help your organisation?

As Education Managers, we support your instructors in their work. We help them to formulate course syllabus, find the right course literature, plan course set-ups according to the needs of the students. We can help you to assess existing language levels of your course participants, and draw out individualised study plans.

We also offer continuous pedagogic support, and can organise training programmes for your teachers, with courses in Swedish grammar and semantics, methodology, and CEFR.


Sofi and Djina have helped Swedish@Work and our teachers to set up our language training to be more efficient. Each time, they have shared plenty of invaluable advice, such advice that can only come from many years of experience. They can make a fast and smooth evaluation of each student’s existing level and situation, and can tell us what they need from that. On top of that, they are nice people and easy to collaborate with. What else could you wish for?

Alex Schenkman

Founder, Swedish@Work