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In collaboration with LYS förlag (LYS Publishing), we offer specialised titles in Swedish language and culture.

Current titles include Working in Sweden - The A-Z Guide, a handbook in Swedish work culture, and Kroppen på svenska, an medical Swedish book for international doctors and nurses practising or planning to practise in Sweden.

Our books are available through online retailers, such as Bokus, or can be purchased directly through the Bee Swedish site.


Working in Sweden - The A-Z Guide

Anne Pihl & Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux

Anne Pihl & Sof Tegsveden 250 essential Swedish concepts, events and insights, one for each working day of the year.

Are you new in Sweden or considering moving to this Nordic country? This practical guide is designed to help you smoothly navigate working life in Sweden. It is the book that has been missing to help bridge the cultural and language divide, explaining what you need to know what you can expecy at Swedish workplaces.

In a simple A-Z format, this handbook is essential reading for your first year in Sweden.

Anne Pihl, originally from Ireland, moved to Sweden in 1998 and now works as a relocation consultant. Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux is Swedish by origin and teaches Swedish and Swedishness.

  • Boost your professional confdence by familiarising yourself with Swedish business & social etiquette.
  • Learn about Swedish holidays and traditions and the impact they have on the business calendar.
  • Discover the underlying values which shape Swedish society and form the basis of unwritten codes and communication.
  • Fast forward your adaptation to your new working environment by learning about local habits.
  • Know your rights and responsibilities as an employee and learn what organisations and public authorities can assist you.

About the Authors

Anne Pihl

Originally from Ireland, and with experience of living and working in the UK and Germany, Anne came to Sweden in 1998, with her Swedish husband and newborn daughter.

Now, a professional relocation consultant and workshop facilitator, she uses her personal experience when mentoring her clients to settle in Sweden.

Sofi Tegsveden Deveaux

Sofi was born and brought up in Stockholm, but spent seven years abroad, mostly in Scotland, before re-settling in her hometown in 2008.

Now, she teaches Swedish and Swedish culture to international professionals in Stockholm and beyond. Sofi strongly believes that culture is an underrated factor in communication in professional and personal contexts.

Medical Swedish | Anatomy in Swedish

350 Organs and Body Parts

This illustrated reference and exercise book is a must for all healthcare professionals, such as medical doctors, nurses, midwives and physiotherapists, relocating to Sweden. It gives a comprehensive and detailed introduction to body parts in Swedish, as well as information on how they should be pronounced and declinated.

The book is in Swedish, but thanks to an introduction in English and a simple use format, it is suitable for beginner’s to advanced levels.

Emil Molander, the author, is a certified teacher in Swedish as a second language, and an experienced teacher in Medical Swedish.

  • Learn 350 nouns for body parts, organs and diseases in Swedish.
  • Practise their pronunciation with focus on vowel and consonant sounds as well as prosody (stress) with the help of audio files.
  • Learn and revise the indefinite and definite forms in the plural and singular.
  • Learn the Swedish practice of spelling of medical terms in Greek and Latin.
  • Test yourself with detailed blind maps.

About the Author

Emil Molander, Author of Kroppen på svenska

Emil Molander is a trained and registered teacher of Swedish as a second language, with many years of experience working with foreign doctors. He teaches Medical Swedish through and, and he is the founder of PYS medicin C1, an exam of medical Swedish for foreign doctors, nurses and dentists who want to validate their Swedish skills and apply for a Swedish medical license.

What made you write the book Kroppen på svenska?

Health care professionals in Sweden obviously need to know the Swedish words for organs and body parts, so I always practice that with my own students of medical Swedish. But I have noticed that many doctors who already speak Swedish quite well sometimes lack words for the body parts, perhaps thinking that Latin is enough. It’s not, and this is not good for the well-being of the patients.

How should Kroppen på svenska be used?

First of all, you need to make sure that you know how to conjugate nouns, so I would start with that chapter, followed by the chapter on pronunciation. With that, you are ready to get started with the anatomy. Chapter 4 introduces the main body parts through an annotated illustration where you match the body part with the Swedish and the Latin terms. There are many exercises that you can use to practice the words in each chapter.