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In collaboration with LYS förlag (LYS Publishing), we offer specialised titles in Swedish language and culture.

Current titles include Working in Sweden: The A-Z Guide, a handbook in Swedish work culture, and Six weeks’ holiday : True stories about the myths and realities of working in Sweden featuring 17 international professionals and their personal experiences of becoming part of Swedish culture. Titles in Swedish include Kroppen på svenska: Illustrerad lärobok i anatomi för utländsk vårdpersonal, a course book in medical Swedish for international doctors and nurses practising or planning to practise in Sweden and Handbok i välkomnande svenska: Prata med dina utländska kollegor. The latter is a handbook for Swedish employers and colleagues on how to adapt their Swedish in order to communicate more effectively with the international co-worker.s

Our books are available through online retailers, such as Bokus, or can be purchased directly through the Bee Swedish site below: