Motivation and Language Learning – Does it really help?

I am often told miracle anecdotes about people who learn fluent Swedish in three months. Apparently, this makes others feel inspired, and it is also concluded that such fast progress is due to motivation. “She really wanted to learn.” As a teacher of Swedish since the...

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How to survive the dark months in Sweden

How to survive the dark months in Sweden To celebrate the change of clocks this weekend, please find this guide to help you through the tunnel, that will be the experience of your Swedish life up until mid-April next year.   Why? Like most people, I believe that...

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Höststädning – what is it?

Last Saturday, the biannual event of communal cleaning at my BRF (Bostadsrättsförening) took place. If you don't already own a flat in Sweden, you are probably not familiar with the fact, that in fact, you cannot own a flat a Sweden. Technically speaking, you own two...

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Book Review of LAGOM by Lola Akinmade Åkerström

Something rare just happened. An expat writer just published a book about Sweden, adding a welcome perspective to the handful of books available on this admittedly niche subject. Worth mentioning is, published rather recently, Brown’s Fishing in Utopia, that fishing...

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News and Events

Architect and New in Sweden?

Why not taking part this course by Sveriges Arkitekter, with the first two sessions taking place on the 22:nd of August 2017? The aim of the course is to give an introduction to professional language, laws and regulations and the building process, as specific to...

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Validation of Swedish Language Skills for Medical Staff

Bee Swedish is launching a collaboration project with Yrkessvenska, helping international medical staff to validate their Swedish language skills to apply for a professional licence to practise in Sweden.   Medical staff applying for a licence to practise in...

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