Learning a Scandinavian language with DuoLingo

Learning a Scandinavian language with DuoLingo   Due to the lack of a Danish teacher in real life and some time constraint, I decided to take my chance with the language app DuoLingo. Despite being a beginner, I found it really easy to get into the language...

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How to network in Sweden during summer

If you were not familiar with the Swedes’ attitude to their summer holidays already, you might start to notice that the country is more or less shut down by now. The cities are full only of tourists, and a handful of bitter professionals who are still going to work in...

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How to sound more Swedish – five easy hacks

There are some more complicated and some less complicated challenges when it comes to Swedish pronunciation. I have collected five particularities of the Swedish language, that should be rather easy to master technically, as soon as you have recognised their...

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Mygg or myggor? How to count mosquitoes in Swedish

If you have visited Sweden, and particularly the northern parts, you must have heard people talking about mygg, or myggor. Both would translate as [mosquitoes]. And the question you will ask your hosts is of course, what is the difference?   Normally, referring...

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News and Events

Architect and New in Sweden?

Why not taking part this course by Sveriges Arkitekter, with the first two sessions taking place on the 22:nd of August 2017? The aim of the course is to give an introduction to professional language, laws and regulations and the building process, as specific to...

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Validation of Swedish Language Skills for Medical Staff

Bee Swedish is launching a collaboration project with Yrkessvenska, helping international medical staff to validate their Swedish language skills to apply for a professional licence to practise in Sweden.   Medical staff applying for a licence to practise in...

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